Friday, May 22, 2020

A perfect gift

Our nephew Haven surprised me today with a great gift. He was working at his dad's house next door and called me to come over. I was cutting grass, but a break sounded good.

Call me lazy, but I wheeled over on the riding lawnmower. 

He found the gift at Tractor Supply and knew that I'd love it. I did. As I drove back through the front yard to park the mower, Jilda stepped outside and snapped a picture.

Jilda is doing the wall of the back deck with all kinds of interesting things. The sign was a perfect fit.


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  3. Absolutely perfect. Notice I didn't say Bee-you-tiful. Oh wait. I did. Sorry.

  4. Excellent gift, perfect!

    My sign says "Honey Behave."

  5. I love it! I've developed an appreciation for those old signs after watching Pickers.....

  6. Neat! Until another blogger (in N.Y. state) began showing her Tractor Supply bounty, I'd no idea they sold such things. And now, this. Methinks a visit to our T/S is called for!

  7. What a perfect gift and it will look lovely on the wall. You've a very thoughtful nephew there.

  8. Love it, YEP PERFECT! (and SWEET)
    Sherry & jack

  9. Such an appropriate gift. Hang it with pride.


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