Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I miss my critters

This week is the seventh anniversary of my little friend's death. Ol' Buddy was a piece of work. I've written about him several times, but when my calendar dinged to remind me, I looked back through my online albums to find this picture.

Just looking at it sent a pang of sadness over me. He was my constant companion for years. I didn't get into my truck without him riding shotgun.

All the drive-through places where I did business knew Ol' Buddy. They often had treats under the counter that they would pass out through the window.

I miss all my critters that have passed on.


  1. I remember well your stories about Ol' Buddy and how you had special treats for him too.
    Dogs are great companions for many people and are often fondly remembered long after they have gone.

  2. Ol' Buddy has a sweet face and tender eyes. He was as blessed by your love as you are by his.

  3. Dogs are special. Who ever coined the phrase 'Man's best friend' knew what they were talking about.
    I like this. I don't cre if it is again and again. ;-)
    Sherry & jack

  4. Oh yes.
    Forever loved, forever missed.

  5. My heart goes out to you. Our last dog passed away last fall, and I still tear up when I think of him. I counted how many dogs we have had in our 34 years of marriage and we've loved 8, they all passed of old age/poor health. Each one was so special to us and all of them were of various breeds. I'm not sure if I'm ready for another dog just yet. Your Buddy has such a sweet face and tender eyes, I'm truly sorry he's gone.

  6. I totally understand. Yesterday was 2 months without my dear Pluto. He was with us during just 3 years. He had a cancer and we couldn't win against it. He left us with a smile on my face, and now, everytime I think about him, I see him smiling. He was the best dog I couldn't dream of ! Oh I miss him so much !!!!!

  7. ım so sad ... :(

  8. Ah, an "American Black and Tan" one of the finest most loyal breeds ever!

  9. Like you I miss my critters, they are no longer with us, but we do have some wonderful memories.

  10. This sweetie looks so happy and that is something to be proud of because so man6 animals are not treated like gold. Each dog I had has left a few tears in my heart from my dog Toby and Fox and my sweet Katie. At least we have our memories and it is fun to remember the funky things they did that made us laugh

  11. They do become part of your family. There are many pets that I miss too.

  12. There's no pain quite so exquisite. I think I grieved harder for Caraleigh than my own parents.


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