Saturday, May 09, 2020

I can't imagine life without a dog

I've walked over 13,000 steps today. The garden got tilled, beehive boxes were built, the grass was mowed, at so forth. Kodak made every step I made and more.

I wish I had a Fitbit on him because it would be interesting to see how many steps he gets in each day.

This evening, I sat on the back deck, admiring some of my handiwork. When I reached for my glass of sweet tea, I saw that Kodak was observing me. He seemed to be saying, "Is that all for today? Maybe we should go to the barn to see if that owl came back. I don't trust that owl. He hoooooo's all the time. That bothers me. I don't trust things that hoooooo's. Maybe we should think about borrowing Jordan's cat. Do we have any more of those treats in that plastic bucket by the back door? Maybe we should check. We wouldn't want to run out of those. Is that a blue tail lizard? Maybe we should think about borrowing Jordan's cat. Have you checked the strawberries? A turtle was trying to get them yesterday. And so forth.

Kodak weighed around 20 pounds when we got him in December. He's pushing 60 pounds now. He came at a time when our collie Caillou was nearing the end of his journey.

It's interesting how that works. Caillou showed up just a short time before my little dog Buddy died. That was seven years ago this past Thursday.

Jilda and I have had dogs since we married in 1974. Most of the time, we had one or two, but at one point, we had seven. Most of them were treated better than a lot of children.

I can't imagine life without a dog.


  1. Many people feel like that about their pets

  2. I can't imagine you without a dog either.
    Borrowing Jordan's cat? Nooooo!
    That sounds like a really baaaad idea. Especially for the cat...

  3. It is years since I have shared my life with a dog (I cannot give a dog the walks it needs) but I cannot imagine a life without an animal.
    And yes, sometimes they do arrive at the perfect time. For them and for you.

  4. You are a dog magnate, they know a good home when they get near. I love dogs, but not so much walking them in the early morning and at night. I used to be able to just let them out and then clean up after them on my time, not in my current townhouse Mrs. C does not like dogs, they always run to her, but she is not a fan.

    anyway, you are going to have a lot of Kodak moments in your life.

  5. We've nearly always have dogs, usually two but just one right now. Sioux isn't a big fan of sharing, so we've avoided getting a second dog for now. Your monologue made me laugh, we've often said it's a good thing they can't talk!

  6. Life is not the same without a dog. I had some for years and miss the companions that they were. Nothing is quite like them for sure !

  7. I am not a pet person. My children all are so there have always been dogs in our homes. I have to say I get a kick out of watching my son's dog's antics.

  8. Me, either! I'm so happy for Kodak.

  9. I just enjoy your musings as you interpret what your dogs think or say in their way. WE do not have a dog at present, just a feral cat, BUT Hydra (HIDEE), just across the small fence, gives me Beagle sugar every day, then goes off smelling the yard for what possum, rabbit or coon passed thru over night. WE howl and bark with each other for a few minutes every day.

  10. I love dogs and cats too, but haven't had a pet for a long time as we travel a lot but I do have two lovely grand doggies and I adore them and I know they love me too as I get such a warm welcome from them when I visit them or when they visit me. I would still love to have a dog and you never know when one will find its way into my life.

  11. Dogs are THE best! They give so much and I am so glad this sweet doggie is with you as it was meant to be


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