Sunday, May 24, 2020

Gardens and stuff

Our garden is doing great. The last few nights, it has rained. When I went outside early this morning, you could almost hear stuff growing.

This evening, Jilda and I walked over to her brother's house. He is our niece Samanta's dad, and Jordan's granddad. He was sitting on the porch as we walked up.

They all have worked hard in their garden this spring, and it shows. The plot is small, but it has the vegetables they love. 

This evening, at sunset, we sat on their porch and watched the light change. It was a beautiful few minutes. I can't tell you the last time we did that.

As we walked home, I stopped long enough to snap a picture of his blue hydrangeas. The blossoms have popped out over the last few days. By midweek, they will be baby blue.


  1. That sounds like a truly lovely day.

  2. I love porch sitting and do a lot of it. It is especially nice at the end of the day. That is a beautiful hydrangea.

  3. I've always loved hydrangeas....never saw them growing in someone's yard before we lived in Oregon. It astounded me, since I'd only seen them in the flower shop. :-)

  4. As we set here in the mountains with the rain 7 out of 7 days ;-). I know we will have little baby tomatoes when we again park behind our stick and mortar home next week, God willing.
    Yes, a beautiful hydrangea, and I am hoping the one I planted is still alive also.

  5. That sounds like a perfect day! On the porch and watching dusk creep in would be heavenly. Seeing hydrangea switch to blue would by hypnotic.

  6. A peaceful family get together seems like the best way to end the day.

  7. That would have been a lovely evening visit and the hydrangeas are beautiful.


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