Sunday, May 17, 2020

Rat snake?

While walking, Ol' Hook is the scout. He's out ahead looking pirates, bear, aliens, or other ne'er-do-wells lurking ahead. His job is to clear the path, and he doesn't fret the small stuff. Kodak is more curious. He's looking for vols, moles, grasshoppers, and horse turds.

Yesterday while walking, I came across a young snake. I watched it for a moment. When Kodak noticed that I was observing, he moved in. We've learned to keep treats in our pockets because that's the only thing that will divert his attention.

Once I had him occupied, I snapped a few pictures of the young snake as it made its way to safety. It looks like a monster in this picture, but it was only about 18 inches long. I'm pretty sure it's a young rat snake, but I could tell by the body and shape of the head that it wasn't poisonous.


  1. Most of our snakes are venomous and I proceed with that assumption, and give them safe passage.
    Treats in your pocket is an excellent idea.

  2. Looks like a gopher-snake to me, which are often considered harmless --but they still carry some venom. Enough to immobilize rodents and, in my case, cause my little finger to exceed my thumb in size for 2 days. Be careful.

  3. I am surprised here. We seldom see a snake BUT I found a 'destroyed copperhead about 18" in our drive. The Feral cat also was sick and throwing up the day before. I just wondered if she tangled with the snake.
    Now to the post. I think we all enjoy your walks with the dogs. I always enjoy your 'short dog hunt' stories. Your puppies sure did win the lottery when they found you and Jilda. I think there must be a canine gossip or pipe line with your address permanently there. Anyway we are off to the mts and hope for a cell signal.
    Sherry & jack

  4. Sounds like a good idea to keep your dog away just in case. Dog treats are wonderful!

  5. He's a pretty fellow. Hook would probably "played" with him and things would not have turned out well.

  6. A snake is a snake is a snake. Eeeeek

  7. It's his territory, but give him a wide berth.

  8. Good thing you noticed the snake but better it wasn't poisonous

  9. I only know of rat snakes looking blackish but I had to look them up and some do look like the one in your photo. Here is one I cam across in a garden I had many, many years ago and it was big. I thought I would see how
    it would react when I placed my rake in front of it...keeping my distance, when it struck out at me like lightning, I ran like lightning, into the house.


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