Thursday, May 21, 2020

Warm day for bees

This spring has been wacky. Warm, cold, cool, hot, frosty, cold, warm, cool, hot, and so forth. The bees are kind of analog. They are either ON when it's warm or OFF when it's hot. 

There were days I stood in front of the hive for five minutes and only saw worker bees dash out of the hive. I've learned that these are usually cleansing flights. Unlike many humans, they would rather die than poop in their nests. I really wish people around here learned that lesson from bees. I pick up litter every day, I live on a dead-end road, so the people littering live here. Don't get me started....where was I? 

Oh yes, this spring has been wacky, but today was bee weather. It was in the low 80s (F), and when I stepped down to check on the hives, they needed an air controller. 

Unfortunately, I didn't snap a picture today, but I found one that I took several years ago before I started beekeeping. I'm not sure where this girl came from, but I'm glad she posed for the picture.


  1. I share your wishes about people who foul their own (and other peoples') nests.
    And hooray for bee weather.

  2. Bees poop? Now I have to watch where I step.

  3. So nice to hae a good bee day. I saw one on a weed in the grass yesterday when I mowed the yard. Thankfully he heard me coming and escaped before the mower got him. My yard was filled with flowering weeds. Almost hated to cut it, it looked so pretty.

  4. It definitely feels like that time of year. I have hopes.

  5. More education, Cleansing flights! And yes I understand what you are saying, we are in town, at the end of dead end street, and YEP even it collects 'sneaky' folks trash and we have garbage collection. Amazing.
    Best to you guys,
    Sherry & jack

  6. Oh yeah some people are disgusting


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