Monday, May 11, 2020


I came across a plant this morning as I walked. It was at the edge of the yard. I wish I knew its name. I read once that to become a better writer, one should learn the names of trees, birds, bugs, and grasses. I think that's true. It's doing this lovely plant a disservice by calling it a weed.

On another note, we got a second batch seed today. The commercial farmer I interviewed last month told me about a seed vendor that he uses. When we went to the site, we had to fill out an application.
Today, the mail lady brought us a package full of seeds.

Within the next few days, we'll be planting even more food that we eat each day. Typing these words, I realized that we are going to need a bigger freezer.

I hope you all have had a safe and productive day.


  1. This is actually a pretty weed but I think of dandelions as nice yellow flowers

  2. Happy (and productive) planting.

  3. Pretty weed. Some are beautiful. Hope you do have a bountiful harvest.

  4. Okay, since you are the age of our sons, the word Weed stood out. But some folk don't know there are weeds and there is weed. LOL
    It is a good shot though, and I do wish I knew more 'names'.

  5. This plant grows wild all over the place here. I have no idea what to call it.

  6. Why are some weeds so pretty

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