Saturday, May 30, 2020

New plant

We have a yoga friend we haven't seen since early March. She and her husband love fresh eggs. This morning we had to deliver eggs to the produce stand and pick up some fresh veggies. Our yoga friend met us there.

We all put our masks on and stood in the parking lot to catch up. She and her husband are delightful people. We gave her two dozen eggs and some young cucumber plants for her garden. She was ecstatic.

After she left, we went inside to deliver six dozen eggs. They give us credit toward our produce purchases for each carton of eggs we provide. It's a win-win.

On the way out, I saw a beautiful Mandevilla plant. Actually, it was two plants in the same pot. We had a Mandevilla plant for several years, but for some reason, it did not survive the winter.

I stepped back inside and used some of my mad money to buy the plant. Jilda knew a perfect location for it. Kodak and I had to agree.


  1. How very beautiful. A blogging friend grows mandevilleas but I have not (yet) checked their availability here. I will though.

  2. I like the plants and also again, love how you converse with the animals. Kodak looks good!
    Sherry & jack

  3. That is a beautiful plant and worth some of your egg money. Nice to be able to trade eggs for flowers.

  4. Kodak picked the perfect place.

  5. Nice photo and I love eggs

  6. I like mandevillas and have 2 (a red and a white) in one pot by my back door and it is still flowering here in autumn but this year only the red one flowered. It is getting cold here now so it will not flower much more until next summer. Like the photo with Kodak too, a good looking dog.


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