Sunday, May 31, 2020

Stained glass

I've always loved stained glass. When I was in Panama, there was a small shop tucked between a place that sold cameras and electronics, and rug emporium was a tiny shop that sold intricate stained glass.

The front of the store was glass from ceiling to floor, and the stained glass in that shop was stunning. I went in several times just to let the color wash over my face.

When I got home and married Jilda, I tried my hand at making stained glass pieces that hung in windows. Looking back, I realize that my pieces could have been described as primitive art, but I enjoyed working with glass.

Fast forward to now. I took a mediocre picture of a flower in my yard and looked at my fancy filters for something that could rescue my sad little picture.

I came across a filter that said stain glass. Obviously, I had to give it a try.

I'm happy I did.


  1. I would love to see your photo recreated in glass. Wouldn't it make a delightful suncatcher.
    I share your love of stained glass.

  2. That is gorgeous. The stained glass windows in the National Cathedral are almost as good.

  3. I too like stained glass, and WOW with the filter and it does make a neat picture. BE safe y'all.
    Sherry & jack headed home.

  4. I do love stained glass windows and that picture you filtered is definitely beautiful. What delightful colors !

  5. Beautiful! For many years Tom enjoyed working with stained glass, but sold everything last year.

  6. Absolutely beautiful.

  7. Oh my! That's a cool filter, I wish I had that one! It's really beautiful.

  8. That effect is fantastic! I am going to look again at the filters on my photos as I have not bothered before. Thanks for sharing.


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