Tuesday, May 19, 2020


When Jilda and I first moved here in 1980, the bank next to the road had gnarly weeds that grew on it. I spent hours using a weed eater clearing that bank.

Apparently, my efforts only annoyed the weeds because, by the time the weed eater cooled off, the weeds had already grown waist high.

Jilda suggested that we plant ivy. I knew that ivy was invasive, but when it took root, it would leave little room for the gnarly weeds.

It took some time, but it did take root. The only time I have to whack weeds now is when trees and shrubs try to sprout on the bank.

Today, as we walked, I took a picture of the ivy. I like it much better than gnarly weeds.


  1. Ivy good! Gnarly weeds bad.

  2. I'm ambivalent about ivy. In a smaller garden it wants to take over. I've seen it used instead of lawn within a contained area and it probably works well on your bank.

  3. This comment is totally off topic.
    Today is World Bee Day, 20 May.
    If you are interested go to
    www.ourfarm-ily.com for a look at an Aussie slant on bees.

  4. I am a bit ambivalent about ivy too. Or indeed any plant/thing/person which is intent on world domination.

  5. I have mixed feelings about Ivy, While it can be pretty in some places, it is invasive. We have a tree in our back yard that is taken over by ivy. I call it the ivy tree. We often have to cut the ivy around it before it takes over the yard. But when we are finished cutting. It will just laugh at us.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I remember my brother in law who was an Ivy enthusiast. His banks and wild areas were controlled ivy. I needed something for a tough hill, I asked Vern, "YOu think I could get ivy to grow?" He looked at me like I was 2 yrs old. "Even people who can't grow hair in their armpits can grow ivy!" So I did.
    Good entry and memory kicker.
    Sherry & jack

  7. Ivy is a wonderful ground cover and so much prettier than weeds.

  8. We have an ivy fence that my hubby babied from little tiny ivies. It is lush and think and looks great. I like that much better than weeds..unless it is poison ivy


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