Monday, May 25, 2020

Fresh veggies from the garden

I usually work on Monday, but I took the holiday off. I don't feel comfortable saying happy Memorial Day, because it's a solemn holiday. I've spent time thinking about family and friends who gave their lives for America.

The morning sky was stunning. By mid-morning, it was obvious the day would be toasty. The bees seemed to rejoice in heat.

Jilda fixed a small rack of ribs, potato salad, and baked beans for lunch. Our niece Samantha and my great-nephew Jordan joined us. It was scrumptious. 

This evening for supper, Jilda cooked squash and potatoes that we picked from our garden today. She threw in some frozen peas. There's nothing like eating veggies from your own garden.

It's been a good day. 


  1. Your veggies look scrumptious.

  2. Okay, I admit it, I am envious, The plate looks delicious! Well at least we will taste a tomato in a couple weeks. ;-)
    The best and hoping for a great harvest for you guys!
    Sherry & jack

  3. Your dinner looks totally delicious.

  4. Nice you have fresh veggies there. Here wi are just starting to plant gardens, I'll be awhile before we have any to eat. I don't plant my own, but try to take full advantage of the farmers market stands. Everything is better fresh !

  5. Fresh veggies are the best


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