Monday, May 18, 2020

It's been that kind of day

The weather today has been tropical. I'll never forget the day I stepped off the plane in Panama. I remember thinking, I have to get out of this jetwash. The weather was like that for almost two years.

It rained just before I got up this morning. It had stopped, but water from the metal roof was dripping on the back deck. An hour later, the clouds had moved off to the north, the sun was warm, and the air felt like a steam room.

I'd been transcribing a long interview, and needed a break. We slipped on our shoes and headed out to check the garden. I'd noticed yesterday that the squash plants were blooming, but I stepped down and snapped a picture.

The light was harsh, but I took the picture anyhow.

Before we finished two laps around the barn, clouds had moved back in, and the rain was ticking on the leaves of the trees on the barn road. We had just made it back inside when the proverbial bottom fell out.

It did that all day long.

We'd just finished our pasta this evening are starting on a piece of Jilda's World Famous lemon pound cake with vanilla ice cream and fresh blueberries when I noticed that again the clouds had moved off and I could see the last moments of the setting sun.

When I finished dessert, I took the dishes to the sink, and then stepped back out to the deck. The clouds to the south were putting on one last show before dusk. Of course, I snapped another picture.

It's been that kind of day.


  1. Squash and pumpkins have such pretty flowers.

  2. Stunningly beautiful photos between the rain. Lucky you to have such a wonderful dessert.

  3. That skyscape is stunning.
    Humidity? Bleah.
    It sounds as if Jilda feeds you really, really well. Half a world away I am salivating.

  4. We could use some of your rain out here in the desert but you can keep the humidity. That is a gorgeous sunset picture.

  5. The picture looks like a Bob Ross picture. "Maybe there's a little stream on the left, it's your world, you can put one where you want to."

  6. Enjoyed your day, thanks. We never made it to Panama, but can imagine the 'warmth'. LOL
    The sky shot is beautiful, a great catch. Y'all be safe. We do have some internet signal here in the mountains, but it is sssssloooooow!
    Take care and be safe,
    Sherry & jack

  7. We've had the rain but it's not warm enough to be steamy. You had a great end of the day with those clouds and the dessert. Life is good !

  8. OMG lemon pound cake with blueberries sound delicious!!!

  9. That photo reminds me of a painting like Jacob Van Ruisdael. It is stunning! The pound cake sounds yummy and a good downpour is needed sometimes


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