Friday, May 29, 2020

Sunsets are too rare and beautiful to minimize

Glancing at my Fitbit band this evening, I have 13,000 steps. Too bad, the band doesn't measure lifting, stretching, digging, cussing, and so forth.

Jilda cooks practically every meal we eat, so in addition to all the work she did today, she also cooked pasta for lunch.

She'd planned to grill veggies for supper this evening. I could tell she was whupped, so when I suggested that I drive to town and get Chinese takeout, she smiled.

Showering off the grime, I grabbed the keys and my wallet and was on the road. There were several people ahead of me standing outside, waiting for their takeout, but I poked my head in to let them know I was outside.

Soon I was heading home with the goods. It was all I could do to keep from pulling over at a wide spot in the road and eating the entire order.

Coming up the mountain, I rounded a curve and saw a spectacular sunset on the cusp. I pulled to the side of the road and snapped a few pictures with my cell phone. I had to sit for a moment in the idling truck so that I could take in the moment.

Sunsets are too rare and beautiful to minimize.


  1. Skyscapes are always a joy. Even when you have hot food demanding your attention.

  2. Jilda is a sweet lady, I also think it is fitting that she be set, as well as compared, to a beautiful sunset.

  3. Oh yes, sometimes you just have to stop an smell the roses so to speak, sunsets like that one are worth savoring.

  4. That's gorgeous -- like a painting! I could go for some good Chinese about now. Pity the only place we've found that we like is downtown B'ham.

  5. This one is awe inspiring.

  6. Wow! That is beautiful! And Chinese food sounds good!

  7. My favorite sunset is over the ocean. I know only too well the torture of a drive home with Chinese takeout tempting aroma on the front seat!


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