Thursday, May 07, 2020

Not to be unwise

It's been chilly at night, but the day warms up nicely. The see-sawing temps have the bees confused. I have no idea how it will affect how much honey they make. Time will tell.

I will say this much, the sky has been incredible. We had a couple of errands to run today. We practice safe social distancing, but there is work we both must do.

Today, I pulled up to a stop sign, and this was just outside my driver-side window. Not taking a picture would have been unwise.


  1. I love clouds. Even storm ones.

  2. That is simply sublime. I am glad that you were wise enough to capture it - and grateful that you shared it.

  3. I thought of you yesterday after my wrens had moved. You would have gotten a picture. You caught another good one.
    Yes, be safe.
    Sherry & jack

  4. You do find some good pictures to capture the day! Beautiful view from your window !

  5. That is a stunning scene.

  6. Dear Rick, I was talking (phone) today to a librarian who's in charge of the "library-by-mail" offering by our local library system. We got around to COVID-19 and the possible changes that might be wrought in our culture because of it. And he said that he'd noticed so many more people walking in his neighborhood and enjoying nature. And I think that's true in my neighborhood also. So perhaps many more people are becoming aware of those clouds you showed us today. Many more becoming lovers and appreciators of nature, just as you seem always to have been. Peace.

    1. I see more people walking now. I think that’s a good thing.


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