Wednesday, May 13, 2020

We've been robbed

I've interviewed a half dozen high school seniors within the last few weeks. They all feel cheated by the coronavirus. The final weeks of the senior year are iconic. The prom, signing yearbooks, and flipping the tassel when I accepted my diploma are all etched on my brain like a tattoo. These kids were robbed of these once in a lifetime memories.

I know that the virus has wreaked havoc on families around the world, not to mention what it's done to the economy. It's something that other parts of the world and this country has struggled with for most of this year.

Here is the thing – this virus has robbed us all. It's taken lives, freedom, income, and sense of control. 

It will take years to tally up the true cost of what this virus cost us all. I'm not sure how anyone would calculate the loss of precious memories that were never made.

One thing the virus has taken from Jilda and me is our annual trip to the beach.


  1. I so hear you! This has been so odd and totally unprecedented! I think we are all a bit dazed and confused! We will recover, but who knows the lasting effects for all of us. Some have been hit so hard and others are weathering it a bit better. Just so glad the weather is warming up and we can all be outside! So glad we live in the country!
    Enjoy the little daily things as we are all stuck now...
    So sorry you two missed your annual trip!

  2. I feel so bad for those graduates and the parents that will miss these special moments. Hope you and Jilda can hit the beaches soon.

  3. I did not graduate, but I do know it means a lot to those who do. Yes we all have been robbed. I know conspiracy theories cannot be outlawed but they have added more to the confusion.
    I know a young person who died of cancer, He too was robbed. Life has never been fair or treated every one equal. We live, we try, we get along. YES i hate it that life has not been NORMAL, will it ever be? We do not know. ;-O

  4. I think we have been robbed the world over - but the lucky ones among us have not been robbed of decades of our life, or decades of the life of someone precious to us.
    We don't have year books or a final year diploma (complete with mortar board). We did have a formal which I 'think' equates to your prom.

  5. The above picture has stunning colors!

    The virus and the climate issues are not over yet. Far from it.
    That's how things are in life - every generation gets robbed, and has to struggle with tragedies.

  6. At least there are no rations or bombings that our parents experienced. The kids will recover and they may even find a way to celebrate later and it will be even more special. From this event we have learned how little we need, how we appreciate our family and friends even more so. We are learning how to be comfortable with ourselves which is not easy. We are organizing closets, rooms, drawers that we have neglected. We have watched more movies, read more books and appr coated the beauty of nature even if it is in our own yard or on a balcony somewhere. If we did not have these lockdowns, I believe we could have had a lot more deaths..much more than the pandemics of 1957 and 1968. Our freedom is intact...we don’t have neighbours spying on us resulting in one of us taken away never to be seen. We can vent our frustrations in many areas without the fear that the secret police will come and take us away. We don’t have to listen to the radio in hushed tones fearing someone will find out you are listening to another country. These all happened to my family under Hitler and, after, under Communist rule. So we can’t go to the mall, or a park and must be careful to see other people right now. I would rather have this than knowing I gave a loved one the virus and they suffered or died as a result. That would make me feel guilty way too much. Ok I babbled on enough. Have a beautiful day with Jilda, your dogs and your home.

  7. So true we've all been robbed of some precious memories that won't happen, but we can make new ones to remember that may even be better than the ones of the past. I always love beach pictures, it's my favorite place to be, but meanwhile, I can sit on the porch safe and healthy.

  8. It has definitely been rough so far. Hopefully it will become no worse.

  9. Coronavirus has robbed everyone of some freedom and some of life


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