Sunday, May 03, 2020

Friend of white jasmine

My nephew showed up before I finished my coffee this morning. I hit the plumber's lotto when he pulled my ticket. He works hard and I hate to ask him to do work for me, but this was important.

We had a problem with our drain, and the dishwasher started acting up. It didn't take him long to sort it out and things were dripping and draining as expected.

He refuses to charge me, except for the parts he uses. I've tried to pay him but he wouldn't take it. Once I even slipped outside and put cash in his truck. I smiled at the ruse.

When I went out later to go to the store, the money was in my truck.

He has a weakness. There are a couple restaurants nearby that he absolutely loves. When he does work for me, I go to one of the restaurants and buy a gift certificate. These he can't refuse.

I shot the picture below earlier in the week. It had just rained and a tiny critter was sipping nectar from the white jasmine on our arbor.


  1. I love pictures of tiny critters.

  2. Praise be for a plumber nephew!

  3. Love that you found a way to repay his kindness. And have a huge weakness for 'raindrops on roses' or any other flower and tiny critters.

  4. That is one nice nephew and glad you can repay him in this way. I love your flowers and think they must smell beautiful. I just read about this horrible wasp called Killer Wasp that is from China and has been found in B.C. And now Washington State. The experts believe it was smuggled in by some Chinese because they like to eat them. Unfortunately, they kill honey bees and their sting is horrendous and is stung repeatedly, can end up in the hospital and even die. I hope the scientists find out how to kill them.

  5. If only I had a plumber in the family. I lost an electrician in my last divorce. A few years later, it was the electrician I have missed the most.

  6. A beautiful shot of the jasmine. And you suffer from the syndrome that many good folk have, you can give, but find it hard to accept giving when it is to you! GOOD on the Nephew, you know his heart is in the right place.
    Sherry & jack
    (Just suck it up butter cup!) LOL

  7. Okay, I smiled at the comment by Joeh~ lol

  8. It is harder to be on the reciting end than the giving. Just say thank you and leave it at that. It's all that is needed . He probably knows he can come to you for help when he needs it. Your jasmine is beautiful. Seems to be no end to what you have growing there.

  9. A good worker is awesome just like you photo


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