Friday, May 08, 2020


Walking yesterday, I heard Kodak barking. He seemed to be really interested in something in the tall grass. When I walked over, I saw that he was trying to get a Box Turtle to play with him. The turtle wasn't having any part of it. He retreated into his shell.

Jilda coaxed Kodak away with one of the treats she carries in her pocket. A second later, the mutt had forgotten all about the turtle and was chasing a butterfly.

I reached down into the grass and gently picked the turtle up and carried it to the edge of the woods. On the way back to join up with Jilda, I found a second turtle a few feet away. I think they may have been courting. I carried the second turtle up and released it beside the first one.

I wished them Godspeed. 


  1. Now you have me wondering how do know?

  2. Definitely godspeed. And in answer to joeh's question I suspect the answer is slowly.

  3. Box turtles are something I rarely see anymore since I live in the city. We used to find them all the time as little kid when I lived in the country near the river. We used to paint a spot on their backs to identify them if we saw them again. Now thinking back, It was probably cruel.

  4. Kodak is just like a kid, easily distracted. Good for Jilda carrying treats in her pocket

  5. Aaaawwww. There is nothing like turtle love.

  6. Thankfully it wasn't a skunk!


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