Friday, May 01, 2020

Retirement anniversary

I'm not sure how I missed it, but I did. A few weeks ago, had I remembered, I would have celebrated my 10 anniversary of my retirement from AT&T.

I started out with the phone company as a garageman gassing up trucks.  Later, I bid on an installer/repairman job which I got. I worked that job for six years. When they invented the plug-in telephones, I was surplused. 

Thankfully, I got a job in the data center. I worked there for 27 years. Even though I live an hour away, I could have driven the drive with closed eyes.

I'd clicked my badge in the security door thousands of times. I knew the names and birthdays of all the security guards and the custodians. I knew the names of most of their children.

In the last few weeks in the office, I didn't get a great deal of work done. I cleaned out my desk and said long goodbyes with the people I'd spent a chunk of my life with. I know it's a tired expression, but it was a bittersweet time. After 33 years, I was ready to do something else with my life.

I turned 59 in January of that year.  The company made me an offer because of my age and years of service. I thought by taking early retirement that some of my younger friends might get a chance to stay around longer. Some of them did, but many of them were released.

The day I walked out of that building for the last time, I remember the look in the security guard's eyes, and I slid my security badge under the glass to them. That was a little after 8 a.m.

As I walked out the door and toward my truck, I heard a squawk from behind me. Two geese had landed on the edge of the building to see me off. I'd never seen them there before. I waved goodbye, and I never went back.


  1. Now I like that story. I enjoyed your rehash of your time there. Glad you stuck it out for retirement, but then most of us would not know you are retired. LOL To me it is a success story. It gives you a chance to head into another phase where you have the where with all to be what you enjoy at the news paper and also enjoy some of your own honey, with the help of your bees. We might not know it, but at times our inner person drives us in a direction that is best for us, and we follow.
    Good on you, and a good entry.
    Sherry & jack

  2. I have never been back either - but my leaving sounds to be more complicated that yours.
    Love that you have made a rich life for yourself since.

  3. The company requested my retirement. I was not too upset, I was planning on retiring anyway...I just wasn't going to tell them for a yer or so.

  4. I can see there will be other retirement anniversaries to follow.
    The next one might be the retirement from retirement anniversary. Others will follow on from that, I hope not to see the retirement from beekeeping anniversary...

  5. What seems to be an ending for you was actually a new beginning with what you are doing now. Hard to think of you as retired with all you do. Not the same work but different work. Anyway I agree retirement is wonderful and something to celebrate for sure!

  6. You brought tears to my eyes. Bittersweet is exactly the right word in this case.

  7. Beginnings and endings are what is called life..maybe even life 101! Your post hit me because I'm facing the decision of whether to stay or go from my job that I've done for over 40yrs. I've been asked to stay on part-time and I'm mulling that over. I've thought about that final day in the operating room and what I might feel. You've said it beautifully here. I'm still in the "thinking" stage! Happy anniversary to you though!

  8. Happy anniversary! I think it's perfectly ok to's not part of your daily life for a decade. I am glad you were able to take advantage of their offer, those are really unheard of these days.

  9. Retirement is a big step but I'm glad I retired and have absolutely no regrets and I'm not looking back although the future might be a bit scary. I'll take it one day at a time. You have a lot to keep you busy and probably busier than ever.
    Hugs, Julia
    Happy Retirement Anniversary.

  10. It's odd but I will never forget the geese that day. I remember pointing them out to a co-worker as we were walking into the building. I miss many of the people but not the work one bit. There was a time when I enjoyed it but they drove the enjoyment out of it a long time ago. And I am pretty sure it was not just me getting older. From your stories I know you are enjoying retirement. The best to you!

  11. Retirement can for some be a terrible experience if they have nothing to occupy their time during the day. My dad found computers and genealogy to occupy his time


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