Thursday, November 23, 2017

A joyous day

We got up early and had our coffee. Shortly afterward, Jilda was in the kitchen. She's like a well-oiled machine in there. When she has a momentary break, I swing into action and wash up all the mixing bowls, and take out the cooking scraps – eggshells, potato peelings, and onion skins.

As soon as I removed cooking debris, she was back in there rattling those pots and pans.

By 11:30 when our guests began to arrive, she was taking the dressing and turkey out of the oven. One of the last things out was a pecan cobbler. Jilda had never made one before and was unsure how it would turn out. Fretting was fruitless. The cobbler was incredible.

We lost our good friend Louis this year. He Thanksgiving'd with us the previous three years. When he died back during the summer, he took with him pieces of our heart.

Our gathering is a low-stress/no-guilt holiday. We told our family and friends that if they would be rushed to be with us today, don't fret. Do what you need to do and come to our house another time.
It was cool but beautiful outside and the kids had a large time as they always do.

The folks that came ate and lingered. The only tense moment was when our guests were leaving. It seems a few of them were vying for who got to take the leftover cobbler home. It ended peacefully.

It was a joyous day.

The view yesterday from my office window


  1. It sounds lovely. I suspect that while Jilda doubted herself, you did not, and were emphatically proved right.

  2. Thanksgiving has certainly got more relaxed for us too over the years. In fact, we've stretched it into tomorrow to accommodate one of our son's schedule. No worries --he's an excellent cook. Glad you had a joyous day at your house too.

  3. There are times when one can enjoy nature in a normally busy area, this must be one. I like the picture.
    Now when sherry reads this she will 'have to make a pecan cobbler'. She just picked out 30-40 lbs of pecans.

  4. Anonymous10:37 AM

    How wonderful that you always enjoy your family & friends (& Jilda's cooking)!!

  5. It goes to show that the best part of Thanksgiving is the company of loved ones.

  6. I made a new cobbler: chocolate. It was delicious.


  7. A 'low stress/no guilt' sort of holiday? God bless y'all! I hope that sort of thing catches on. (*smile*)


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