Friday, November 17, 2017

Sunset grass

I was on the road at sunset today. A project that I started earlier today was 90% finished, but I needed a few things from Lowe's to finish up. 

We plan to turn it into a temporary Florida room this winter and maybe make it permanent next spring. So after Jilda headed out to work, I headed to Lowe's to pick up a few things. I bought some things, but they were out of the thin wooden strips that I needed to secure the plastic sheeting around the screen porch. 

After checking two store locations, I decided to call it a day. I drove across the mountain on my route home. Jilda drives this road every day and she's been saying how beautiful it is this time of year. Today I got a first-hand look. There were several places where the leaves were incredible, but I came upon a stretch of grass highlighted by the setting sun. It won the photo op moment. Rolling the truck window down, I snapped a few frames. A car behind was approaching fast and I expected a blast from their horn, but they must have thought the view as special too because they slowed down and snapped a picture too. Copycats.

I hope today has been a good day for you too.

This is a "no filter photo" in case my friend Julia reads my blog tonight :)


  1. Ahhhh.
    After a frantically busy day I could feel my shoulders relax as I looked at that beauty. Thank you.

  2. Great photo. I'd like to turn my deck into a Florida room. When you finish yours, then you can build mine.


  3. Another great picture for sure ! Isn't amazing how the sun makes things glow! My sunporch does have windows and not just screens, but still gets cold for sure. It's only when the sun shines that it gets warmer these days.

  4. Aww thanks Rick, you can't improve on this photo. My eyes are not as sharp as they used to be but I can see the sublime beauty of the sun play on the tall grass.

    I didn't go on my computer last night as I was exhausted after a second day of cleaning calf beddings and scrubbing calf pens. I showered and relaxed watching
    a documentary and went to bed early.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. I love it when the sun lights up more of nature. This is VERY good! Yep I can see in person why it would stop a car (or truck).;-)

  6. It looks like the sun shining on the prairie grass in this area. Few sights are pettier.

  7. Anonymous1:58 PM

    You have quite an eye for the beauty in mundane things!!

  8. Stunning! I hope the fellow behind you appreciates the kismet.

  9. Love the golden light.


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