Saturday, November 04, 2017

Stay cool

I stopped by the small lake again today to get a first-hand foilage update. Jilda says it will be another week before it peaks. All I know is that it gets more beautiful every day. This afternoon when I stopped by, I heard quacking from the far side of the lake. I think they thought I was the lady who owns the property. She feeds them each afternoon along with the catfish. They swam over to check me out. I snapped another picture to show you the progress.

Day two without AC. It was 80ish here today with humidity as thick as peanut butter. Thank goodness our house is shaded by oak, sweet gum, and pine trees.

We have ceiling fans and a box fan to lull us to sleep at night. But they weren't moving enough air. I ran to Walmart and bought an oscillating fan. It's small but hopefully, it can help us survive until the AC components come in. The AC man will be here Wednesday.

Y'all stay cool.


  1. I'm starting to like this little pond. A beautiful capture of the fall foliage. and yes I do miss 4 seasons.

  2. That pond, the foliage and the quackers are gorgeous. I hope you get some relief from the heat and humidity before Wednesday.

  3. I see the promise of colors yet to come. Great capture of the ducks.

  4. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Another fantastic photo!! Don't melt, Rick!!

  5. Hard to imagine it getting more beautiful.

  6. It's getting cooler here and most of the leaves are off the trees except the tenacious one. The soil is getting cold on my hands when I'm digging in the gardens.

    Another beautiful photo. Fall is so grandiose, don't you think. Such beautiful colors.

    I hope you get cooler temperature very soon.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Another absolutely beautiful picture today! No worry about staying cool here. The week ahead for us will be in the 40's so we'll be saying stay warm!

  8. Awesome picture and having air con is the norm now days


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