Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Autumn is for Caillou

Today was a short day at work. The school closed at 11:30 a.m. but it was a ghost town long before then. Everyone I called this morning had an extended absence greeting on their voicemail and Out of Office messages on their emails.

I did some routine things, and then did some training I'd been that was on my todo list. It was a peaceful day.

Once home, Jilda fixed lunch and we took a Thanksgiving Eve - Eve nap. Her shift was wonky today. She did a morning class for the staff, and then she did her Thursday classes this afternoon.

When she left, I wrote my column for Sunday's paper. After finishing, I stretched the kinks out of my neck and back. Caillou was lying at my feet and stood when I moved.

Stepping into the bedroom, I slipped on my shoes and when I do that, both dogs start running around and barking. They know we're about to go for a walk.

The air was cool and setting sun backlit the trees behind the barn. It was a beautiful sight. Caillou is fairly worthless in the summer. All he wants to do is sleep in front of the box fan. I guess I would too if I work a mink coat year around. Brushing him is a full-time job. But winter time is a different story. He lives outside watching the world around him.

By the time we finished our walk today the sun had dipped below the trees. It looked as if Mother Nature had sprinkled a think layer of cinnamon across the horizon.  I tried to get a picture but the camera didn't do it justice. So I decided to use the picture of the autumn foliage instead.


  1. It is a good time of year. Happy Thannksgiving

  2. What a beautiful day and dog. Sending you all the best of wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hope you guys are having a great relaxing Thanksgiving. I love the picture!

  4. I love that phrase, "cinnamon across the horizon." Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & your furry 4-legged kids!!

  6. I can see why Caillou love the cooler temperatures. Happy Thanksgiving Rick.Hugs, Julia


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