Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday ~ not so much

I think some of the Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping madness has faded. I only saw one fight at the local mall that closed it about 40 minutes early last night. There weren't even any casualties.

Three years ago I wrote a blog entry about shopping on Thanksgiving HERE. It might make you smile or make you face the reality that I'm a twisted person. You decide.

Today was a good day. We kept a low profile most of the day. My nephew Haven asked if I'd shoot some pictures of he and his family. I told him I would. I still owe him for helping me out by moving the water heater when I was in a bind a few weeks ago. He has a lovely family.

After shooting the pictures, Jilda and I ran to Hobby Lobby to buy her some acrylic paint so she can work on her hand-painted Christmas cards that she does every year. By the time we went, the crowds had died down and the experience was seamless.

It's been a good day. I hope your Black Friday has been sunny.


  1. You did a great shot here, Oh, I love the kid and the bike! I admire Jilda giving the personal touch, not much of that anymore. She B sweet!

  2. Now that is a gorgeous family portrait. Despite the stores best/worst efforts Black Friday hasn't taken off here. Yet.

  3. Our weather was a record high. My Christmas shopping is done so I went nowhere. And I had a piece of pie.

  4. Hand painted Cards...Holy Cow!

    Looks like a classic old bike.

  5. You did a wonderful job of taking their picture ! It was a beautiful day here and got to spend some time with part of my family so that made it even bette too! Internet shopping has taken over so the stores are not as crowded as they once were, but still our local paper shared pictures of those standing in long lines just waiting to get into them.

  6. What a beautiful image! We kept a low profile, too, and enjoyed just being home. Oh, yes, we do that a lot now that we are retired. After years and years of travel for work it is a treat to be home as much as possible. We cleared more of a fallen tree, enjoyed some of it in the fireplace, and ate leftovers that were even better the second time around. Life is good!

  7. Beautiful family! My eyes are loving that rusted bicycle and the brittle leaves.

  8. Ah, that's a beautiful Christmas family photo.
    I stayed home on Black Friday because I really didn't want anything so bad as to even venture into that mad world of mall shopping. I kept a low profile too.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Anonymous2:00 PM

    That's one of the best family portraits I have ever seen!! (I'm not a fan of the formal ones.)

  10. What a cute family and I love the photo! Good job! We ventured out to a store around noon on Friday and made it out of there by 12:05 with just what we needed! So all was good here! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  11. Beautiful family photo. Black Friday is not so big here, mainly in the city centres. I hope it doesn't take on here as it is not really relevant. There are enough "sale" days already.

  12. I had never heard of Black Friday or Black Friday sales till this year had to Google it to find out what it was all about


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