Sunday, November 19, 2017


Jilda cooked turnip greens, butter beans, mashed turnips (with butter) and I baked a pone of cornbread. 

We have friends that rarely use their kitchens. They prefer eating out.  Going to a restaurant is a treat for us. But rarely do we have a meal at a restaurant that's better than we have at home. I know that sounds like I'm boasting. But I don't boast. 

The reason people eat out is that cooking at home is "not convenient."  It takes thought, planning, and some skill.  But when we eat, we know the chef cooked our food with care. We know the ingredients are fresh, and things always seem better when you have to work for them.

If you haven't had a home-cooked meal in a while, I suggest that you have one soon. 


  1. I'm spoiled. Mrs. Chatterbox loves cooking and we eat better at home than in restaurants.

  2. I hear you. We also rarely eat out, and eat well at home.
    Some time could you share your recipe for cornbread? It is something I have often thought I would like to try.

  3. Romeo and I go out to eat about once in a blue moon.......home cooking is the only way to go. It does take some effort though. Tonight we heated gumbo that I originally cooked a month ago ~ I cook a big pot, then we freeze it in family portions. Don't want to cook that night? Let's see what's in the freezer........

  4. I enjoy a good home cooked meal too but I wish my husband would enjoy cooking because it's a pain to come home from work late and to have to cook supper and ten clean up. That cornbread sure looks good. I love some Jalapeno in my cornbread. I've never baked it in my cast iron pan and I I would love to try it.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Yours is the 2nd blog I've read this morning that mentioned corn bread with pictures and now I'm thinking I should have some real soon too. I make mine in my iron skillet too. Like you all, I rarely eat out and thankfully I do like my own cooking. It's rare I find something out better than what I could make it myself. Sounds like both of you are good cooks!

  6. That second paragraph could be taken from our conversations. Ahhh you do a great looking pone of cornbread. Looks ALMOST as good as my Sherry's!
    Enjoyed the visit!

  7. Beans (pinto) and cornbread is a favorite family meal. Takes very little time or preparation. And is filling.

  8. I like my own cooking, but sometimes cooking for one is dull. One reason I go to inexpensive restaurants is so I can be around other people.


  9. Mmmmmm...looking good! We'd rather eat in and every Sat. morning we make out the week's menu and have had fun trying new recipes. However, the tried and true always are favorites...enjoy!

  10. So ironic! Walking into the grocery yesterday, Tom asked what I wanted for Christmas and I asked if we could just forego gifts until we move ... then (emphasized) I want a REAL cast iron skillet in which to make cornbread.

  11. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I used my cast iron skillet last night to make potato latkes!!


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