Saturday, November 25, 2017

New hat

I bought a new hat, hung the team flag, and toward the end of the game, I even put on my Crimson Tide PJ's but none of it helped pull the Tide through this evening. We lost to our in-state rival Auburn.

This is the first loss of the year for Alabama. It would be a miracle if the college football selection committee chose us to compete in the post-season playoffs, but it is possible the season is not over for us. We'll know after next week.

I'm a little down tonight, but I still love my team.


  1. It is a very stylish hat. Hopefully your team's season is not over yet.

  2. Given their schedule, I think they still have a good shot at making the playoffs.

  3. The hat is perfect for you. Cheer up, they may pull through.

  4. Great hat. We don't follow college football but we have learned to love a losing team no matter what (Redskins). But don't give up on them yet.

  5. I want your hat.


  6. Well SHUCKS! Since I ain't got a team: RROLLL TIDDDE!

  7. I'm realllllly liking that hat, Rick. To tell ya the truth, I'd have lost, were I to have put a bet on the outcome of that game. 'Really hope the Committee allows the Tide another opportunity.

  8. I'm sorry about the loss but someone has to win and the other has to loose. Your new hat is a winner. Maybe you can go sit on your new thinking bench with your new hat and remember the winning games of the past. There may be a chance for a come back. Good luck to your favorite team.
    Hugs, Julia


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