Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Deer and fairies

I left work later than usual today. The holidays on Thursday and Friday have everything wonky. Of course, every Friday is a holiday for me....but I digress.

I turned onto our narrow lane and was a few hundred yards from my driveway when twin fawns ran in front of me. They stopped and stared at me as if I were a trespasser. When taking the larger view of the Cosmo and what not, I guess they were right. So, I put the truck and park and watched. The one on the side of the road munched on grass. They heard a dog bark off in the distance and they both
became hyper-aware. 

Sensing that they were about to bolt for the cover of the woods, I pulled the phone from my pocket. The smallest deer jumped to the edge of the road, but the other one stood for a moment. I managed to snap a picture before it scurried off into the underbrush.

When I arrived home, I went into my bathroom to take out my contacts. There on the edge of my vanity was a fresh bottle of bath gel. I'd used the last bit during my morning shower. Thank goodness the shower gel fairy was on duty today.


  1. I have a similar fairy, the shampoo, coffee creamer and bottle of tea are always filled.

  2. Sounds like a double blessing kind of day for you there ! Who could ask for more when you have deer and fairies around !

  3. Seeing the large wild animals is always a thrill to me, having the fairy is even better. I had one growing up too, but the fairy did not go to the barracks wit me when I joined the military. LOL

  4. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I'm sure your ever so helpful fairy is there EVERY day!!

  5. That shower gel fairy is a handy thing to have.

  6. We have a toilet paper fairy.

  7. I didn't know about the shower gel fairy. I need to put out the word that I need shampoo. Take carew and Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. I have never seen a deer in person only photos of, Tim thinks there is a sugar fairy he leaves the empty sugar container on the bench and someone fills it up for him.

  9. Deer twins and a shower gel fairy--I'd say that was a magical day, especially since you were able to capture one of the deer with your camera.


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