Wednesday, November 29, 2017


One of my main goals today was to finish my column for Sunday's paper. It was more of a struggle today. Sometimes it seems my work is simple. But at other times, I have to dig deeper. I try not to "settle" but I tell myself that not every piece written is "Pulitzer quality." Oftentimes, I'm hard on myself. When I read the words the following day, it's rarely as weak as I imagined.

Jilda went to the hair stylist today and got home just before midday. She whipped up some lunch and we took a short nap.

She planned to go back to the store and buy a few things she needed to work on her Christmas cards but I volunteered to do that so she could spend paint time with the cards.

After picking up the stuff she needed and a few things we didn't need, I headed home. Instead of coming home the usual way, I took a detour down a road we haven't traveled in years.

Just past a small creek, I turned a curve and came upon horses standing at a pasture fence. They regarded me as if I were a trespasser.  I stopped and rolled down the window. Pulling the phone from my pocket, I snapped a few pictures while talking to the horses in soothing tones.

I sat there for a long time admiring those beautiful creatures. I can't believe we've never owned a horse.


  1. They are beauties. Maybe a little on the thin side.

  2. When I take a detour in Jersey I just run into a new strip mall. Your neck of the woods looks much more interesting.

  3. To me that is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. I am smiling. I waited a long time, but when mama was best fast and we were taking care of her. I finally thought to ask mama. "Mama, what kind of horses did you and daddy have."
    She looked at me like, how could I have raised such a dummy, and said, "Son horses were for folk up in the papers, we had mules. YOur dad had a prize pair of roman nose mules. They could work all day and take us to town that evening, a horse could not do that. Mules were for farmers." I guess Now I know, but a horse is more what boys WANT! Even if they ain't up in the papers! LOL

    Love that picture.

  4. Emma is right. But isn't it lovely to be rewarded (generously) when we take a different path.

  5. They are beautiful, much more graceful than cows I would say.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. They look as if they are posing for the photo.......or trying to figure out what your

  7. They are beautiful horses. It's hard to imagine a time when just about everyone had a horse. They were needed for transportation and to work the farms too. Our ancestors would be amazed to see how things have changed. Horse power now aways is mostly recreational.

  8. I am finally here! I love horses...all my life I found them a sense of calm and freedom. I never owned one but always was near them somehow. I had a few chances to ride them and felt so great. I always feel inspired.

  9. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Like most people, I suppose, I've always loved horses!!

  10. They are quite beautiful, but I imagine owning horses takes a lot of work.


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