Sunday, November 05, 2017


Part of our AC opportunity had an unforeseen component. Our hot water heater has lived in the same closet as the inside unit of our central heating and air unit for over 30 years. It was happy there.

The unit always smiled when I changed the AC filters every few weeks. It sends us a Christmas card each year. It planned to retire in the shadow of the rumbling AC unit.

The AC guy came Friday and he said the newer unit would require more space to be energy efficient. "If we're going to do this right, we'll need to move that hot water heater. When I broke the news, the hwh was obvious broken hearted. It buzzed and gurgled.

Today, my nephew Haven came by after lunch and moved the unit to a pantry in the kitchen. It took about two hours to do the job. But the house, as you remember, still doesn't have airconditioning and it was 80 degrees in the shade.

By the time we finished, I felt as if I'd run a marathon. The hot water heater acted as if I'd put it in a nursing home at first. But as luck would have, it made quick friends with the microwave and the Yellow Label Sopping Syrup which lives on the shelf above the new digs.

A while later, a single mom called and asked if they could do a photoshoot at the barn and the creative space this evening. Even though my knees were protesting, we said of course.

The evening was much cooler and the foliage was remarkable. I guess we'll see if the pictures looked ok.

I hope you all had a remarkable day.


  1. We're having problems with our water softener....I hate putting money into those things but it's a necessary evil! I hope you get cool soon! Your foliage is the pics from your previous post. Ours are later than usual but after the bad storms we had today, I'm sure many leaves won't be left. Take care!

  2. Fingers and toes crossed the AC issues get sorted soon.
    Love that photoshoot.

  3. Hoping the AC problems get taken care of really quickly.

  4. Thankfully you had some help and the water tank didn't mind be relocated. Doing all that in the heat and humidity would take a lot of a person. I know I'm not much use at all when it heats up here. That was a pleasant surprise to have someone want to take pictures at your place. It is a beautiful place you have there. Hopefully today will be a better day for you!

  5. I'm glad you got your new A/C and found a new home for the water heater.
    It was unusually warm during the night and I had to turn on my fan on.

    I love the color of those leaves. A nice picture.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. When we needed a new water heater, it had to go somewhere else and I was not a happy camper. Your pictures are really pretty but it doesn't show that it was over 80 where you are...I would hate that. We have a nice 8C here:)

  7. Dear Rick, your imagination is a delight! I hope all the AC problems get satisfactorily settled. And . . . that the hot water heater comes to love its new home. Peace.

  8. Personally I think the water heater is better of with its new friends than trying to co-exist with that snooty air conditioner.

  9. My water heater has a closet all to himself. He's spoiled.


  10. I love it when 'things' have real personalities. makes for a good life. And you guys provide the most unique services. LOL
    Hope the knees feel better.

  11. My day was hardly remarkable but any day I can move around and find something interesting to do is a good day.

  12. This brought to mind an image of the hot water heater sulking because it was being moved


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