Wednesday, November 01, 2017


November 1. How can this be? The ink's not dry on my New Year's resolutions, and already it's November 1. 

When I was a kid, time was a snail. Every day at school was 72 hours long. And then, toward the end of the year, as the holiday's approached, they got even longer. I thought December was another way to spell decade. Santa seemed as far away as retirement.

But that is the nature of time. Even sand in an hourglass seems to rush faster to the bottom when the glass gets low.

Anyhow, my favorite holiday these days is Thanksgiving. I didn't get the significance of this holiday when I was younger. In my work at the college, I hear a lot of sad stories. People like me except that they have gone through trials that would bring anyone down a peg or two.

I listen with empathy. I try to put myself in their shoes but clearly, I have no point of reference. I said that to explain why Thanksgiving is so important to me these days. When I stand myself beside some of the people I know, my problems are trivial. My life has been a gift. And for that, I am thankful.

Fun with Facebook filters.


  1. I have to comment on your previous post first...I'm a bit behind these days! We don't get trick or treaters out here in the boonies but we usually go to my son's and hand out candy there. The trick this year was the town he lives in changed trick or treat to Sunday instead of Tuesday and we all missed it! My Grandsons went to another town on Tuesday but we didn't make that run. Anyway, your family looks wonderful and you give out the best candy! I'm also very thankful for my life and even the trials we've been through...character builders for sure. Love your pic of you and Jilda!

  2. This is truly a good post. A good read and sweet entertainment. Reminders of the 'luck' or blessings we have shared.

    But Imma thinking like my Sherry, Your Jilda has made all the difference.

  3. Time really flies the older we get... the sand going through an hour glass does move faster as it nears the end... good metaphor... xox

    I think we all have the trials we need but I also think we all need to remember how truly blessed we are and Thanksgiving is a great time to remember... xox

  4. I feel the same.

  5. Gratitude is a precious gift.

  6. As we grow older I think we do appreciate more than we did as youngsters. There is so much to be thankful for and I do agree, I too am blessed with so much and compared to others, my problems are trivial.

  7. That's a great picture of you and Jilda. You both look younger.
    Time seems to fly by me too especially that I'll be 71 this month. I don't know how that happened but I'm thankful to have reach this age and still walk the earth.

    I think a lot of younger folks have lost their roots and are disconnected and perhaps that's why they have such sad lives. It is sad indeed. It's good that there are people like you and Jilda to help the ones that will listen to you.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I have led a long, exciting & wonderful life for which I am grateful. I DID think it would take longer to get old!!

  9. As I grow closer to my end of time here I look back at long ago as if it were yesterday. Time goes by so quickly that there are times I feel I cannot keep up. I have a lot of time left and I hope it doesn't go by so quickly that I can't enjoy it all. The picture of the two of you is captivating.

  10. I just bought a tee shirt that says "I thought getting older would take longer". (From Instead, it seems to be that last bit of sand.

  11. I couldn't agree more. I too consider my life as a gift. And you're singing my song about how quickly time flies.

  12. I agree that it seems impossible November is already here, and with it my birthday making me a year older.


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