Friday, November 03, 2017

Part of it

Today was not a fun day. The cool weather was short-lived, and the temps inched back up. When I went to flip the central heat and air unit back to AC, I heard a click, Hmmm. I've never heard that sound before.

I didn't think much about it until a while later the house was still warm. I looked at the thermostat, but I knew before flipping on the hall light what it would say. 

Stepping to the back deck, my suspicions were confirmed. The unit didn't power up.  I stepped out and did a cursory check. Back inside, I reset the system. Again, I heard the click. 

I sent a text to my AC guy. He's talked me through a couple situations when the unit quit working correctly. He told me a few things to check. Nada. Then, he asked if I had a volt-ohmmeter. I said I had one. He told me a few more things to check. I called him with the results of the last test. "That ain't good." 

He came by a while ago to checked the system. The compressor is defective. The problem with that is the system is over 15 years old and used the freon that has since been discontinued. 

When he stepped back to his truck to check his sources, he came back with news I dreaded. The entire system will have to be replaced. I'm currently looking for a liquor store I can knock off on payday so that I can help finance the new unit.

As my grandpa used to say, "That's part of it."


  1. Sorry to hear about your AC problem. I can't fix anything and have a monthly service that takes care of our furnace and air-conditioning unit.

  2. I knew it was the compressor, but I hoped you would say it was under warranty and could be replaced at no cost. That's what happened to me two years ago.


  3. What is good in the situation, is you can trust your A/C man. In my work I had a good reasonable A/C man who could do a good installation, but if it failed, he was a poor trouble shooter. And would say in a NY minute, I need to replace the unit.
    It is nice to trust. Hope he cuts it to the bone to save you as much as he can. Most of their work is Furnaces this time of year and do not bring the income as the /A/C methinks. As I said, the peace of mind and trust goes a long way to handling the cost.

  4. Not good news at all but when you own a house it seems there is always something that needs fixing. The furnace is running here and no need for a/c now till sometime next summer.

  5. Anonymous12:02 PM

    The A/C needs fixing, the lawn needs mowing, the house needs painting--it never ends!! (Yet we are fortunate to have a place.)

  6. I know the feeling of this weather. Air Condition in the morning, heat at night. Its crazy.
    Hope tomorrow is a better day.

  7. Anything with freon is bad news when it comes to replacement and there's a charge to get rid of the freon... in our area anyway.

    You may have to sing your way through it. Singing is good for the vocal chords. This should be easy for you because the two of you can sing your heart out, make money from it, enjoy yourselves and keep the crowd entertained. In no time your new A/C is paid for.

    I just wanted to cheer you up. I hope you get your new unit soon.
    Hugs, Julia


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