Tuesday, November 07, 2017

AC love

I'm in love. No, not with the AC repairman, although he did move up on my list. But I do love the new AC unit.

It took a while today to remove the old unit and install the new one. The duct man had to tailor-make new ductwork. What was surprising to me was that they under promised and over delivered.

A few days ago when we talked about pricing, he gave me an estimate. He also said he could do the work on Wednesday after I'd moved the hot water heater.

When I sent him a text Sunday afternoon to let him know the tank had been moved, he asked if we could do the work today. I had to shuffle my schedule at work, but I told him yes.

This evening after completing the installation they flipped on the breakers. When I checked the thermostat it was 78 degrees inside our house. When the new unit kicked on kicked on,  I could barely hear it running. When the repairman handed me the bill, it was for less than he had quoted. I could have hugged his neck.

Standing under a vent with cool air blowing in my face, I almost wept with joy. Of course, a front is moving through tonight and the temps will be closer to what they should be in November.

It was good putting the house back in order.


  1. I know that great feeling of AC working and knowing the heat will also work. We added AC and replaced our furnace a few years ago and still feel we live in amazing luxury to be cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. I do not take this luxury for granted at all.

  2. Wonderful news. And a serviceman underquoting? I hope you bought a lottery ticket - though a working A/C is probably a big enough win.

  3. Good news for sure! I bet you had a good nights sleep with the comfortable temps due to the a/c. Always better to have pay less than expected ! You are blessed!

  4. What a nice feeling to get better service and price than you expected. I hope you celebrated your new A/C. Does she have a name?

    Take care, Hugs, Julia

  5. I hope I feel the same way about the furnace repairman when he gets my furnace operating again. We are cold cold cold here.

  6. She's a beauty. I hope she gives you years of service.

  7. AC is a beautiful thing!

  8. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Your A/C man obviously never was an automobile mechanic!!

  9. You're so lucky to get a quiet unit! I thought the new unit we got a couple of years ago was noisy, but it is nothing compared to the roar of the neighbor's new unit, which I can hear from INSIDE MY house.
    It's great that you got a better price than quoted. I hope you get a good and lengthy service from your new unit.

  10. Today has been a tough one for me on comments. When I comment it said publishing but it was not.
    Anyway glad for you. Funny how the first years of my life A/C was not an option for most. But now it is almost a necessity.
    And Yep the price less than quoted always brings a smile. (Now you don't have to knock off a liquor store!)


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