Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Laid back day

The day was overcast with intermittent rain. Last night after midnight, the temps outside dropped like a stone. Jilda had an early yoga class this morning for the staff where she works. She left me writing on the screen porch. I had to crank up the radiator to keep my fingers from getting too cold to type.

My column this coming Sunday will be the story of the AC incident. I added a little humor because people really don't want to hear me whine. 

When Jilda got home we took the dogs for a walk. It was a short one because it started raining. Unlike a summer rain where it feels refreshing on my face, an autumn rain can chill me to the bone. So we hustled inside before we got soaked. I did manage to snap a picture of some autumn leaves behind the barn. 

It was a laid back day. I needed that for a change.


  1. AC installed - check, Fall rain - check. Thanks Rick for the sharp fall colors on the leaves behind your barn.

  2. Good. I had a difficult day and I am glad that yours was laid back. And love the colours you have gifted us with.

  3. Love the picture of a late fall day since our leaves are finally turning colour. Last week we had s9mething like 15C but it will snow this evening

  4. I wish I had a laid back day once in a while. We had a real cold morning and my hands and feet were freezing in the barn. It's -4 °C. which is 24.8 °F. with heavy frost.

    You still have some pretty colors on the leaves. Nice photo.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. It's really chilly here but our rain has passed for now as well as my time spent on the sunporch. It has windows as well as screens but it's not very warm at all. I guess I need a radiator of some sort to crank up too. After the excitement and work of the past few days, I'm glad you got a laid back kind of day !

  6. Anonymous11:07 AM

    ALL my days are laid back!!

  7. Those colors are so vibrant. Its getting chilly here too. I keep my little space heater at hand.

  8. Love the magnificent jewel-like colors.


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