Monday, November 06, 2017

When the going gets tough

We normally have good luck with our garden, but this summer it was just sad. We kept it clean as a carpet the first month, but then the rain came. When the roots of weeds take hold, they grow like kudzu on steroids. We got a few tomatoes, but most of the rest rotted on the vine. That's the way it goes some years.

It would be easy for us to throw up our hands and give up. But NOOOOOOO. When the going gets tough, the tough plant collards. 

We love collards. When I was growing up, we had collards a lot.  I never developed a taste for them I hated the smell of them cooking. In those days I would have preferred jabbing a sharp pencil in my eye rather than have collards for supper. Did I mention that I hated collards?

After I married, things changed. Long-held prejudices against foods from my childhood vanished. Well, except for tripe.

Now, when Jilda tells me we're having collards and cornbread I smile. When she piles my plate full of the green stuff, it's all I can do to keep from getting naked and eating everything without a spoon. Perhaps I've said too much about my love of collards.

Let's just say I was happy when Jilda's sister Nell gave us collard plants this past weekend. We planted them in raised beds. Soon we'll be having collards and cornbread for supper.  I can't wait

Collard art


  1. Tripe? Shudder.
    I don't think we get collards here. Or if we do I haven't seen them. I do love my greens though.

  2. I'm thinking the your gal must have a special way of fixing them if your hatred turned into love. Nice you can consider planting anything this time of year. It's impossibility here unless one has a green house. Way to cold!

  3. Tripe, double shudder... Sorry about the hardship the weather had on your garden this summer. Better luck next year.
    We started growing kale which has a curly edge only a few years ago. We even have dehydrated some and use it in many dishes because it's so good. I haven't grown collards but I heard it was one of the hardiest vegetable.

    Kale and collards are the best veggie to keep your eyes healthy because it's so high in lutein. Good luck with the late garden.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Me too. I used to hate collards until I married and the Mother-in-law fixed them up right. Now Its one of my favorite greens. Oh yes, and cornbread.
    We cook our collards outside.

  5. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I feel deprived; I've never tasted collards!!

  6. I've also never tasted collards. Do they taste like kale?

  7. I like most foods, tolerate others, can eat a few others, and have only a few I don't like. Tripe is nasty so of course I do not eat menudo. I have eaten liver that tasted so good but most of the time it is gritty in texture. Kale is a little sharp but I can eat it. Cornbread and collards sounds good but I might add a nice bowl of pinto beans.

  8. Funny how your taste changes once your grown, I grew up on collards too and like them a lot more now than I did then.

  9. Oh yes, Collards 'is' good! LOL Up where Sheriff Andy was they had a 'Collard Sandwich' I couldn't wait to see that dude. OUCH was good, but weren't nothing but collards (and juice) on cornbread, I reckon they considered it an open faced sammich. Of course it was good.

  10. Hey Rick, in your comment on my blog you mentioned a car at Dunkin ?Donuts, but didn't say what make or model, then I begin to wonder??
    Anyway always always enjoy the visit.


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