Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Seeing something remarkable

This afternoon I had a coaching session near Birmingham. One of my candidates has a temp job and I'm working with him to find a better opportunity.

We decided to meet at a Starbucks and map out a path forward. On the way there, I decided to run by the lake. This is the one that I've photographed a number of times recently. The sun was sinking fast, but I hopped out and snapped a few pics to take advantage of the evening light.The color on the bottom is the reflection of the color on the distant hillside. The ducks were swimming off across the lake. The camera lens is not like the human eye, so the ducks were lost in the shadows.

I stood there a long while trying to absorb every detail. It was peaceful standing there by the water.

After the session, I had to pick up a few things at the grocery store before heading home. On a long stretch of lonely country road, my phone buzzed. Without looking, I knew what the notification said. The International Space Station will be passing overhead in 5 minutes. A mile or so ahead there was a wide place where I could safely pull off the road and look up into the sky.

A moment later, I saw the bright light of the ISS gliding silently across the sky at dusk like a lightning bug on a mission. I stood and watched it go from horizon to horizon. A few vehicles passed and I'm sure they thought I was wacko as I stood there looking into the sky.

No matter how many times I see the space station, I always take a moment to watch it pass overhead.

So that's how my day went. I hope you saw something remarkable today too.


  1. Great shot, I love reflections in a calm lake. But Yes, glad you asked. I did see something today, Three Sand hill Cranes in our front yard. Seeing a bird that big gives me a mental kick like seeing a big animal like a deer. I want to walk like they do. HA!

  2. Oh wow. What an amazing thing to see.
    And thank your for the calm and soothing water .

  3. Bob Ross used to create that reflection image on canvas with a single brush stroke. I have no idea how that works...it is a great picture.

  4. How great to get a notification of the space station. It is amazing to see it. That in itself is remarkable. The beautiful picture gets marks too just for being. Makes one wonder how many people pass by and never notice.

  5. It was a good day, but I didn't see anything as special as what you saw.

  6. I saw the ISS as well (both last night and the night before). Monday, we were in a small town, and I was afraid it wouldn't be easily seen because of the light pollution, but we actually got a nice view. Last night we were at home, and I notified the neighbors who were out in their yard with a fire. One of the kids seem excited, but the others didn't seem too impressed. DH couldn't figure out why I wanted to watch it the second night after I had already seen it the night before. It is supposed to be visible here again tonight.
    Lovely picture of the lake!

  7. What a gorgeous photo. The pine branch adds a bit of dimension. Very nice photo.

    I used to sit out late at night when I wasn't working at the farm and look at all the satellites going in the night sky. It was truly amazing. They looked like stars that were moving in the sky. I would lay on the swing under a blanket with the canopy removed from the swing for a better view.
    Hugs, julia


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