Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Do what you love

My coaching partner and I did our last workshop today. It was in Northwest Alabama not far from Tupelo, Mississippi. It sun had set before the session ended so I drove home in the dark. 

The work I've been doing for the last three years is winding down. That fact came into clearer focus tonight. Lost in thought, I found myself harmonizing with the low-pitched whining sound my tires made on the asphalt. 

I'll miss this work. Some of the work I've done in my life I did to make a living. I did this work to make a difference. Our numbers were small, but those who came in and did their homework found jobs. 

I've had offers these last few weeks. But I'm going to be picky about the kind of work I do going forward. 

Jilda and I had a good friend who played with the songwriter/musician John Denver (Rocky Mountain High.) He said that once when the band was road weary from months of performances all across the country that everyone got snippy. He said John called them all together and said, "If we're not having fun doing this work, why are we doing it?" That question is simple yet profound. 

We're only here for a while, so why not do what we love. Jilda and I wrote a song entitled "Do What You Love." I'll post the lyrics to the second verse below.

I know that I will be selective as I move into the next phase of my career.

There are so many people who work day and night
At jobs that they hate, they're wasting their lives
There's a lesson worth learnin' they don't teach in school
You gotta do what you love, and love what you do


  1. Glorious image.
    I am so glad that you are in a position to be selective about your next job(s).

  2. So true Rick and not so easy to do. Hugs.

  3. When you love what you do, it is not work. The luckiest people ae those who don't have to work for a living.

  4. So true...we should all love whatever it is we get to do. I made a living as a secretary for many years, but the job I've loved best is being a mom and a grand'ma' too. Hope you are able to find the best match for you.

  5. Congrats on doing something you loved and making a difference. The road ahead is now paved with choices you can make and that is great.

  6. Life's choices, makes our lives. I ahve been very fortunate I have never 'hated' a job, always wanted to get to work, but when i started building, I didn't want to quit.
    You will find THAT NITCH, because are a searcher.

    I do like and agree with the lyrics!

    Note: I just learned that 'Sean of the South' who does a great blog had a dad who was a welder. So I figure somewhere along the line y'all's dad shocked the writing part of your brains, and the weld 'held'. LOL

  7. PS: MY proofer ain't working, that should be 'YOU are a searcher.'

  8. Amen Rick, I really like those lyrics.

  9. Anonymous3:08 PM

    That song makes a lot of sense!!

  10. The goal is to reach a stage of life where you can focus on tasks that feed your soul. I'm glad you've reached that stage.

  11. Best of luck. I'm sure you will find a good fit.

  12. Do what you do , do well boy, do what you do do well by Ned Miller... This is what came to mind when I read this post.
    Warm hugs, Julia


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