Sunday, November 12, 2017

I thought that was fuzz on your nose

There was not a great deal on our agenda today. We fired up the fireplace and slowly sipped our coffee while reading the Sunday papers. 

Jilda whipped up some gravy and biscuits along with sausage. We don't have that often, but it was a perfect fit today.

Our great nephews came over after breakfast and we walked. Anthony had never walked the new path so it was an adventure. There was a tense moment when Ol' Hook dug up some more yellow jackets. We saw them in time to shoo the boys to safety but I slapped one off the back of my head. Jilda wasn't as lucky. While she was getting Anthony up the hill, one stung her on the calf of her leg. 

I made a mental note of where the nest located and tomorrow evening they will go to insect heaven. 

There's a ring of concrete blocks around the ironwood tree by the barn. I sat the boys down for a moment to take a picture. Anthony has formed the habit of posing for pictures. His picture face is not what I was after so I pulled out an old joke to distract him – "Hey, I thought that was a fuzz on your nose, but it's not." Say that real fast and you'll understand why it's a kid's joke. When I told him that, Jordan cracked up. I've played that joke on him a thousand times but it was a first for Anthony and he immediately put his hand to the nose to make sure there wasn't a booger issue. I love jacking kids around :)

Hope your Sunday was an enjoyable one.


  1. Those are beautiful boys.

  2. Snot and farts will always appeal...

  3. I'd have fallen for that tease when I was a kid.

  4. Ouch for Jilda..hope it's better..I hate those things. Those boys are adorable and a term we use for nose buggies is "Hey, there's a bat in the cave"...just in case you need new material for the kiddos!

  5. Yellow jackets suck! My hubby, many, many years ago ran over a nest with a lawnmower and he ran. He went through a huge hanger and his boss was talking to s9meone and they saw him run and a huge swarm following him. He was stung 138 times and had to go t9 the hospital. The kids are cute and I said that saying fast but I am not getting it.

    1. Anonymous2:04 PM

      "...but it's snot!!"

  6. Nasty Yellow Jackets, they can be so painful. Sorry you got stung.
    I love that kid joke. I never heard it before. Jordan sure woke up handsome.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Those yellow jackets are terrible pests. I got stung pretty badly as a kid going though the leaves in the woods. Cute joke for the kids. I'd not heard that one before and believe me when I say my uncles were full of teasing like that.

  8. I have had this problem commenting. After the comment I hit Publish. Blogger said it was 'Publishing' but it wasnot! LOL
    Yeah the YJ's can be tough. Hope this goes I switched to Microsoft to comment.

  9. Haha... Jordan is smart enough to know better... :) I hope you got rid of those yellow jackets... those can be such nasty stings xox

  10. I wasn't sure what a Yellow Jacket was so I Googled it and bloody hell they sound nasty being stunk would be awful


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