Sunday, November 26, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree

We headed out after coffee this morning to get a Christmas tree. We normally wait until after December 1st, but our December weekends are filling up fast. And we wanted to get a good tree.

We always get a live tree that we can replant (except last year which is another story).  So, we found a tree today. The ones we've had in the past a Leland Cyprus. Our yard is full of them. The smallest one is about 15 feet tall. The largest one is well over 30 feet.  Our first live Christmas tree we bought in December of 1983 is big enough that we could cut it and build a house.

So we wanted something different this year. We found a small tree. The label said, Blue Ice. It's an Arizona Cypress. We won't bring the tree in until a few weeks before the fat man cometh.

Had I been clever, I would have taken a picture of my lovely bride proudly standing by our new tree. But apparently, today was not a clever day for me. Instead, I shot a picture of moss growing on our sidewalk. If you look at it sideways it looks a little like a Christmas tree.

This long holiday weekend has felt like a vacation for me. I hope it's been a good one for you.

And,  I'll shoot pictures of the Christmas tree later.


  1. Great idea buying a live tree and replanting later. I've tried a few times but not been lucky. When I was young and strong I figured I could carry the damn thing...jeeze that ball is heavy! Now I have a bad back, plus I forgot to dig a hole before the freeze and it didn't survive the winter. Seems you country dudes are a bit better at the process.

  2. Love that Christmassy moss - unlike any I have ever seen.
    Our live Christmas Tree grew too big for a yard and was transplanted to a friends property. Last seen it was well over 40 feet tall.

  3. Ha. I know it ain't moss. It is a space shot of a national park some where.
    Glad you got a tree. I don't even like the name leland. We just paid a fortune to have a few cut down that someone who wanted privacy planted along the road in the city right of way. Plus we could not see to get out of the driveway. Dudes must grow fast.

    Looking forward to seeing a pic of Jilda. Oh, and of course the tree!

  4. It's been a long time since I've had a live tree. I remember having to get it early so we could dig the right side hole to plant it in before the ground froze. We'd throw a tarp over the hole and the dirt so it' would be ready for planting after Christmas.

  5. Maybe you could include Jilda in the picture of your tree. She always looks so serene that I am calmed by seeing a picture.

  6. Never had a real tree, don't think I ever will, can't see the point

  7. I thought it was a different Christmas tree and I was OK with that , only to find out it was actually moss.... that's a good one. Please, I want to see the Christmas tree.
    You know me.
    I turned 71 today. Yes, I actually did. It came so darn fast, it made my head spin a complete turn...
    Hugs, Julia

  8. I'd love to see pictures of previous Christmas trees you've planted.

  9. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Your "Christmas tree" is upside down!!


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